"When you initially attacked for seven days and nights without halting for rest, you met and defeated twice your own number. Your advance required the enemy to turn fresh divisions against you, and you in turn hacked them to pieces as you ruthlessly cut your way deep into the flank of the "bulge." Your feats of daring and endurance in the sub-freezing weather and snow-clad mountains and gorges of Luxembourg are legion; your contribution to the relief of Bastogne was immeasurable. It was particularly fitting that the elimination of the "bulge" should find the Yankee Division seizing and holding firmly on the same line held by our own forces prior to the breakthrough. I am proud of this feat by you as well as those you performed earlier. We shall advance on Berlin together."-------Feb. 1, 1945 Headquarters 26th Infantry Division, W. S. Paul, Major General, U.S. Army Commanding

Attention Baker Company Troops!
· July 4th: Norwood Parade, Norwood Mass, Military Vehicles will arrive at 16:00 Troops at 16:00 - 1st Formation 16:15.

· YD Formation for the parade will take place at Coakley Middle School, 1315 Washington Street, Norwood, MA at 4:00 P.M., Step-off for the Parade is at 5:30 P.M. SHARP.

· The famous Norwood Fourth of July Parade kicks off at 17:30 with national and international marching bands. In addition, the parade has entertaining acts, floats and community groups. Don't miss out on this spectacular event!

· UNIFORM of the day: M1 Helmet, M1937 or 41 Special wool shirt, M1937 wool trousers or HBT’s , Roughouts, Captoes with leggings or Buckle boots, 10 pocket belt & Rifle, Canteens FULL of water! It is going to be HOT, NO packs!

OIC for B Company personnel is XO 1st Lt. John Dipersio

Comapny HQ
B 104th IR

"Capt Devlin, - how about feeding the troops after the event next time"

Taking Cover

Everybody Uniform

I think, as a unit we should show up to public events in the same uniform as best we can. Some soldiers show up with HPTs other with wools and some mixed HBTs and wools. Hats we have Campaign, Garrison, Daisey Mae, and HBT cap. Boots, Leggings or two buckle.

I know everybody can't afford every uniform but if we stick to our Company's required uniform this should not be a problem.

CLOTHING (accurate representation of the WWII GI is our Goal)

M-41 Field jacket - An original or approved repro. Buttons should be the correct brown or olive color.

M1937 OD Wool Shirt -Original or approved reproductions
(I.E. w/shoulder straps) examples allowed.

M1937 OD Wool Trousers - Original or approved repro. Only mustard shade examples accepted.

Wool "Jeep" Cap - Original or approved repro in correct shade of OD (not green) wool.

Wool Overcoat - Original. Examples should have brass rather than plastic buttons.

Overseas Cap - Original or approved repro in correct OD wool.
Light blue piping or no piping, allowed.

EM Dismounted Raincoat - Original, approved repro, or postwar (same pattern) Preferred to the poncho.

5 Button High Neck Sweater - Original, approved repro, or modern GI with correct WW2 buttons.

Leather Palm Wool Gloves - Original, approved repro, or postwar French Army. The only type glove allowed.

HBT Fatigues - Original or approved repro. 1st or 2nd pattern jacket and trousers with 13 star metal buttons. Worn only for pacific war and select ETO events (per authenticity officers approval).

3/4 Roughout or Cap Toe Service Shoes - Original or approved repro.

Wool Scarf - Original or approved repro. Red Cross or cut from blanket style.

Wool Service Tunic - Original or approved repro. All unit insignia and awards are worn on this uniform.

M1923 Cartridge Belt - Original or approved repro. Khaki colored examples only.

M1928 Haversack - Original only, with meat can pouch.

M1910 or M1942 First Aid Pouch - Original khaki colored examples only.

M1910 Canteen cover - Original khaki colored examples only.

M1910 Canteen and Cup - Original with war time dates. Stainless steel examples preferred for health reasons.

M1938 Dismounted Leggings - Original khaki colored examples only.

M1910 E-Tool w/Cover - Original or approved repro "T" handled shovel w/khaki cover.

Lightweight Gas Mask Bag - Without mask. Original khaki, OD, or OD and Khaki transitional. Used to carry ammo, grenades, rations, etc.

M1 Steel Helmet w/Liner - Original only. Helmet must be the correct color and have split in rim located in the front. Fixed bales are preferred over flexible, but flexible are allowed. Straps must be khaki in color and sewn onto the bales. Liner must be of WW2 vintage and have khaki colored HBT suspension and leather chinstrap.

Helmet Net - The 3/4 inch British style net is standard for the 26th, but other types of net are acceptable.

Bayonet - Original 10 inch bayonet, new or cut down manufacture with M7 plastic scabbard. 16 inch M1910 or M1942 Bayonets are acceptable for early war (1941 - 1943) events.

M1940 Identification Tags (Dog Tags) - Original or approved repro "tooth" notched tags with chain.

Shelter Half - Original Khaki colored shelter half with either open or closed end. No OD allowed!

Shelter Half Pins and Poles - 5 original or approved repro wooden pegs, 1 original folding tend pole and guy line.

Mess Kit - Original M1926 mess kit with knife, fork, and spoon.

OD Wool Blankets (2) - Original, approved repro, or approved post war.

*Note - The use of M36 Suspenders and Musette Bags is NOT allowed in the 26th, with the exception of commisioned officers.

PFC Joe Baril

Attention troops we have the following events coming up fast.

Norwood Parade--July 4th need to know who is going to be at this one..unit gets paid for participation.

Norwich U. vehicle & display show.....July 8--10 need to know who is going to this one and if your bringing a vehicle.

Windsor Tactical--Windsor VT., July 16--18 always a good time, a lot of trigger time and running around the hills and woods of VT. Need to know who is going so we can have enough tents, food & drink.....

Battleship MA. Navy display July 25--26 Pvt. Pereira needs to know who will be at this event. jpereira18@msn.com so do I.

Unit Training --Pelham, NH Aug.14-15 this will also be a live fire qualification event. supper will be served Sat. night... we need to know who is going to be at this training event.

See you all in the field.


Input Needed

Anybody who wants to submit anything (artical, photo, art, opinion, ect.) to the Grapevine. Just send it to me cjboa@comcast.net

Lets make this the best Division newspaper in the USA

Editer PFC Joe Baril